Welcome to this little piece of the Internet. Make yourself comfortable! You can stay as long as you want. Wait don't leave... I got... what do I got? What is this all about?? I don't really know. Why don't you read trough, I am sure you will find it to be amusing!... well, yes... this description is actually going quite well. *Now dont blow it... say something witty and intriguing and high brow... no no, not a your mom joke. Try to explain the deeper meaning there is to every word in this tumblr which should either be a reference to something famous or a cleaver symbolism. What about this "the true reason why we would choose to name our URL http/ is because this webpage actually sucked your mum´s.........." _________________ fuck. I also write poems. But dont worry. I am not an angst ridden teenager who needs to put down in words every faint emotion of rejection he has suffered in his remarkably short and sad little life in a piece of digital paper. The truth is I am an adult now!